My Story began  when I was a young girl growing up in a dysfunctional family. I love my family and they love me,  but they didn’t know quite how to show me so I decided to take all those negative and uncomfortable moments and share with the world  a unique way of how to express what was really inside of me. Many beautiful things, I am very creative, I  can effectively communicate what needs to be conveyed without being offensive and obnoxious. During those dark moments of disappointments and pain I learn how to be gentle and kind despite my past experiences. I mastered how to sympathize with other people that may have endured some things I also went through and I have been actively pursuing to reach out to others by raising the awareness of abuse in its various forms by not running away, standing up for what’s right, and helping others. I enjoy what my contributions as investments of  powerful victories…

Thanks to The ONLY ONE WHO MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE…KING JESUS CHRIST. Love your neighbor as you love yourself

💝💝💝 when you truly love those as you love yourself…you are enrichly  blessed, thank you and welcome to my page!


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