The Situation

bad attitude

When I first transfer to a new agency from a career of over 18 years, an odd situation accompanied the transfer. Whereas, another female, who was the current “work bully”, causing major disturbances towards every female she felt threaten by. Her antidote was to ultimately scare them off until she met Pandora (my hidden attitude).  After about three weeks, the rumors started, she was informing everyone that she was going to beat me up (yeah right), I just ignored her until one of my new friends (a great co-worker) mentioned the rumor out of concern. I replied “So I’ve heard”. I told my friend to let her know my true intentions about the matter and added…  until she wants to face me as a woman and stop telling everyone else, then it cannot be that deep” which that message was delivered. She finally got that “Memo” and was put on notice immediately. Now, ask me why she tried to approach me with calling my name in a rude tone. Swiftly, I met her up close and stated “WHAT”, she was taking a back and saw my ready stance and realigned herself to a calmer demeanor and said “that she just wanted to speak with me about something that was bothering her”.  Pandora, had both fists tightly balled up and ready to knock her to the ground (in self-defense) said” But you told everyone that you was going to beat me up”. Afterwards, she never approached me with a bad attitude again and from that moment on she gave me greatest respect because it I wasn’t going to give up or give in!

That was my old way of handling “The Situation” at the time, but I would not recommend that approach. The following steps should be taken, instead:
1. Document each incident(s), along with the date; time; location; and any witnesses
2. Report “The Situation” to your agency’s department director or regional manager
3. Ask for Help

“Work Bullies” will only induce trouble… so you need to know if you’re been bullied or not!

what is bullying


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