Applicable Uses for Perfume Oils

Perfume OilsPerfumes Oils have been around for centuries they can be used for a number of things…

Perfume Oil Bottles

1. Body Message Rub
2. Refresh Your Loose Hair, such as Curls; Braids; or Dreads
3. Lightly Pat your Bed Linen
4. Add to Non-Abrasive or Harsh Cleaning Solutions combined with 2/3 of water
5. Body Splash (combine with silk, link below)
6. Compliment Lotions, Creams, Bubble Bath, and Bath Salts (link below)
7. Lightly Spray Silk Flower Petals to add fragrance to your Dresser Draws

As I’ve said before, there are many ways to use perfume oils besides oil-burner method. The recipes; silk; alcohol splash; perfume oils; and oil-burners

Oil Burner

can be found at I hope you take advantage of the many uses of perfume oils and try them. Enjoy!


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